Golden Walker Deluxe is out now!


“He’s thinking about each person in his audience, and he’s thinking about the connection he has with them.”  - WGBH

Packed with rich storytelling and a refined sound, Boston artist Will Dailey has released a deluxe version of his latest album Golden Walker out worldwide today. The album includes five bonus tracks, three of which were recorded as part of a Live Spire Recording Session at Aloft Hotel on the road. Leading off the additional bonus songs include a lively cover of Tom Waits’ “Hoist That Rag” and the B-side “I’m Not Sorry (I Need You So Much)”.

Using the iZotope Spire software, a recording studio that essentially fits in the palm of your hand, Dailey set up in a hotel rooms at Aloft’s to capture his introspective sound in a beautifully crafted live setting. The newly recorded tracks are a phenomenal edition to his latest musical offering.

“...with a ’70s vibe for a modern age — gliding synths, amusing instrumentation, and enthralling lyrics — the record entices listeners to engage with the individual lesson of each song.”Cowboys & Indians

Songwriters, by nature, look and listen at the world within and around them, pulling it all in and pouring it all out in melody. Music is about connecting hearts through art, and Dailey’s Golden Walker is a meditation on life and how to navigate it within our current cultural climate. The inspiration for the name of the record started with a chance meeting in France Dailey had with a sculptor who heard his set in the tiny village he was playing that night. The sculptor told Dailey “All the gold is being take from our world. They take it all to use in technological devices that are supposed to help us communicate. The gold is disappearing, hidden in phones and computers that only leave us feeling more alone, separated and disconnected. When I heard you tonight through the walls of my workshop, I heard real communication. I heard you. You are a communicator.” He then sculpted and gifted Will a sculpture of a man with a gold nugget on his foot called “The Golden Walker,” and told Dailey that he had to be the keeper and protector of the gold and to keep communicating through music. Since that night, Dailey knew his next work had to be about human connection, compassion and accountability.

“How good is Will Dailey? He wrote a song called ‘When It Dies’ that magically uplifts. A gem of a melody sits at the center of a wonderfully musical mess with huge vocals — the man crushes you with the repeated refrain of ‘All we ever really want is not to be forgotten!’ All at once the tune recalls James Taylor’s simplicity, Ray LaMontagne’s intensity and Tom Waits’ weirdness. The rest of the new album, ‘Golden Walker,” possesses the same magic.” - The Boston Herald

This is also Dailey’s second release outside of the major label system. The album is a follow up to National Throat, his indie debut, that went on to receive numerous awards including Album and Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, Song of the Year and Producer of the Year at the New England Music Awards, Best of the Year by Improper Bostonian Magazine, debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and garnered over 9 million streams on Spotify. In addition to being a wildly successful independent artist Will has become and artist advocate. He has taken to mentoring artists and developing programs like the Fenway Rooftop Sessions to create a space for independent and up and coming artists to exercise their craft, and to ensure that there is always a space for art to grow and thrive.

1.     Submariner

2.     It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now

3.     Today is Crushing Me

4.     Bad Behavior

5.     He Better Be Alive

6.     When It Dies

7.     Middle Child

8.     Everybody Wants You For An Angel

9.     Up to Your Heart

10.   Tell A Friend

11.  Ultimate Companion (feat. Tanya Donelly)

12.  “I’m Not Sorry (I Need You So Much)” - (B-Side)

13.  “Hoist That Rag” - Tom Waits Cover

14.  “When It Dies” - (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)

15.   “It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now” -  (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)

16.  “Everybody Wants You For An Angel” -  (Live Spire Sessions at Aloft Hotel)