Three Conversations in 2018

  1. Will talks Golden Walker with ZO Magazine: “Golden Walker, sparked conversations that I could write research papers on for months, years even.READ HERE

2. Will on Above The Basement Podcast: “You are like a venn diagram of genres…” LISTEN HERE

3. Will and the reconnection of people with WGBH: “Dailey’s heterogenous approach to songwriting… results in a style that’s difficult to pin down. Early critical notices lumped him with a mid-00s burgeoning Americana/roots boom, which is understandable given the acoustic orientation of 2004’s Goodbye Red Bullet, and 2006’s Back Flipping Forward. But digging into the deeper cuts on those records hinted at an artist pushing toward a broader sensibility. This mainly succeeded in casting Dailey into the “Indie” waters of musical miscellany, as it became more difficult to spot his style, and was fully realized on 2014’s National Throat, which has been Dailey’s most lauded record to date. Despite any worries that the vagaries of genre identification might put him at a disadvantage in a rapidly shifting industry, Dailey points out that his inclusive approach to music-making extends from a broader sense of how he approaches his life and art.“ READ HERE

Bonus interviews from Golden Walker release:

Will Dailey