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Will Dailey is an acclaimed independent recording and performing artist and artist advocate. His sound has been described as having a rich vintage vibe while having a firm appreciation of AM rock, pop and big hooks leading famed Rock journalist Dan Aquilante to call him “the real deal”. Dailey's last album was met with stellar reviews, over 9 million spins on Spotify, top 20 on Billboard Heat Seeker chart and won Album of the Year in the Boston Music Awards, New England Music Awards and Improper Bostonian Magazine. Dailey, who is already a three-time winner of the Boston Music Award for Best Singer/Songwriter also won Artist of the Year in 2014 and best male vocalist in 2015 and 2016.  Most recently in 2016 he shared the stage with Eddie Vedder in Chicago and Boston, supporting him on stage for the Hot Stove Cool Music Benefit where Vedder had Dailey play some of his own songs and sing a few duets. He has also shared the stage with Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, G Love and Tanya Donelly. In June of 2013 he was featured on a Stephen King/John Mellencamp project produced by T Bone Burnett called Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County and, in that same year, also released an original song he wrote inspired by Jack Kerouac's Tristessa.  In September of 2013 he played his fourth Farm Aid Concert along side Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp. Dailey's music has been featured on over 50 TV programs and films. His new album, Golden Walker, was just released in June of 2018 and hit #1 on Billboards Northeast Heat seekers. The Boston Herald called the album: “A new peak.” and named it one of the top albums of 2018. 

Dailey has become an artist to watch not just now but indefinitely. 

"His songwriting is just incredible and it’s had a real impact on me.”

Eddie Vedder on Will

"Hats off to Will Dailey. He still cares about the art of songwriting and making an emotional impression in his music. His new album, 'Golden Walker,' is rich in subtleties, lyrical insights and a sense of hope. He evokes a Paul Simon intricacy at times, a Jeff Buckley fragility at others, topping it with challenging folk-pop and a breezy, almost Motown soul flair in the first single, 'Bad Behavior.' The clincher for me is 'He Better Be Alive,' a driving, percussive track inspired by the nightly news. Dailey has a wonderfully elastic voice, a natural sense of poetry, and a restless mind that looks for answers and often takes us to them."

Steve Morse



Male Vocalist Of The Year - 2016 Boston Music Awards
Male Vocalist Of The Year - 2015 Boston Music Awards
Album Of The Year - 2015 New England Music Awards
Song Of The Year - 2015 New England Music Awards
Artist Of The Year - 2014 Boston Music Awards
Album Of The Year - 2014 Boston Music Awards
Album Of The Year - 2014 Improper Bostonian Magazine
Singer Songwriter Of The Year - 2012 Boston Music Awards
Album Of The Year - 2011 Improper Bostonian Magazine


Farm Aid - Advisory Board Member
Foundation to Be Named Later - Advisory Board Member
Zumix - Artist Ambassador 2014


FutureM Conference 2015 Keynote
1 Brand 1 Band Guest Panelist San Francisco 2015
Content Marketing Conference Key Note 2016 - Las Vegas

(all speaking engagements followed by short performance)


Brand Partnerships

Bose - Boston Red Sox
Harpoon Beer - Izotope Software
Boston Harbor Distillery - Aloft Hotels
Novo Guitars






"Dailey’s latest album makes it clear that good songwriting isn’t a matter of hiding behind shiny production or an over-stylized persona. His music doesn’t contain a note of pretense. If anything, it is committed to the beauty of simplicity. National Throat is a statement about the value of creativity and the survival of art. Dailey believes the truth will find its way out, that what is real and beautiful will rise to the top."

Jon Karr, New York Minute Magazine, May 2015

“Dailey has a natural charisma, particularly as a vocalist, and much of “National Throat” gives him room to simply emote. While the music plies a spare sensuality, he’s in full Technicolor mode, from brash (the full-throttle rocker “World Go Round”) and soulful (the horn-stoked “Why Do I”) to exuberant (the big singalong “We Will Always Be a Band”) and tender (the dusky, banjo-driven ballad “Higher Education”). This is Dailey at his most self-possessed, a clear and confident musician who doesn’t need a big label or a big budget to put across his charms.”

James Reed, Boston Globe, September 2014

“Will Dailey’s pop smarts, his dedication to detail, and his soul-inflected voice are just what we need right now to restore belief in music. His new songs are personal epiphanies with a universal appeal. Frankly, it will take a forklift to get his new album National Throat off of my Top 10 list for 2014.”

Steve Morse, Rock Critic, March 2014

“The album continues into a variety of emotions, as Dailey recounts epic nights on the town in uptempo moments, while also cascading down into the slower songs that reveal his inner workings. As most fans will agree, music is best when it’s most vulnerable, and National Throat is a prime example of this.”

Weston Shephard, Veriance Magazine, November 2014

“There’s something genuinly uplifting and inspiring about this Boston based throwback (and I use the word throwback as an endearment). Any musician who can master the balance between commercialism and good taste the way Will Dailey has deserves all the success both professional and critical that is heaped upon him. National Throat is a throwback in the sense that it harks back to an era when recording was becoming a facet of the music industry.”

Tim Merricks,

“From the opening notes of the reggae fueled ‘Sunken Ship’ to the marvelous use of horns on ‘Castle of Pretending’ and ‘Lookout Johnny’ to the awesome slide work on ‘Don’t Take Your Eyes off of Me’ this collection of songs has been allowed to live and breathe through Dailey’s songwriting genius and the brilliant work of co-producer Dave Brophy. In today’s overcrowded music marketplace, “National Throat” is truly a diamond in the rough and its triumph should prompt his former label to be singing ‘Will Dailey won’t you please come home’.”

Rob Penland,

“Soul, rock, great songs, great hooks and lyrics, plus the guy is just rocks on guitar… The man is simply put, a powerhouse.”, June 2014